Celestial Messages

Is pleased to offer new and existing clients this  fabulous  September Special…

It’s a great opportunity to try a dream interpretation reading. 🙂

Sweet Dreams…

Dreamstime.com: ID 32518299 © Lkwisdom

Dream Interpretation with Nicole

Have you ever had one of those dreams that you knew had a deeper meaning but just couldn’t figure out what that meaning was?
Possibly you have had a dream where you feel like spirit, angels or a departed loved one was trying to get a message across to you.
Sometimes there are dreams that seem to be such a muddle of things that you don’t even know where to start to make sense of it.
If this is the case a dream reading could be for you!
  • Cost: $25:00 regular … $15:00 for the month of  September Only... 
  • How does it work: Once confirmation of payment has been received the client emails the dream experience to Nicole. Once Nicole has received the information it’s her turn to do a reading, connecting with the Angels to interpret the dream. 🙂 Nicole writes up the reading and email’s it back to the client… 🙂 
To Connect with Nicole for your reading please email her at  Celestialmessages@live.ca

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