how it “works” in our daily lives

Planet Mercury moves into the sign of Libra… 

Shiny blue Mercury sign on white background.  Stock Vector - 24012187 Copyright : dvarg
  • Astrological “Event”: Mercury moves into a new sign
  • Sign: Libra: The Scales of Justice 
  • Date (s): September 2 2014 to November 8 2014
  • House: 2nd.  (Taurus) Moves into 3rd House 11/7/2014 (Gemini)
September - October are the months of the zodiac sign of the balance  Libra is Space attribute of justice, balance and equilibrium  Air, artistic, emotional representatives of this sign  Stock Photo - 20428907 Copyright : helein

What Does This All Mean:?

  • Mercury is the planet of communications and how we think. Mercury is also known as the messenger
  • Libra is the sign of balance, fairness, beauty, money and diplomacy
  • The 2nd house relates to: Finance and Material Security
  • We may tend to be more charming in our conversations
  • Subjects/Issues/Actions we may be drawn to include: Justice, Fairness, Fashion Shows, Shopping for the home or self. 
  • Even though Libra is an intellectual sign, when she is visiting with Mercury she might not be as quick on the uptake as she would like to be. Indicating for the next little while, some of us may not be learning as well as we could. 
  • Concentration skills may be lower than normal
  • Making quick decisions could send some of us into a tizzy.. 🙂
  • Conversations and communications might be polite for the most part, unless it’s about  fairness or justice, heated, passionate debates could be afoot. 
  • It is easier to be nice to others, or at least use good manners while in public
  • May be a good time for diplomatic dealings and negotiations. 
  • Focus may be on finances, indicating this may be good time to look at our investments, mortgages, budget and debt load and make changes accordingly. 
  • Be aware of your budget, it may be a good time for finances but it may also be very tempting to spend money easily. 
  • Striking a happy balance between being generous and being stingy is recommended. 
  • Mercury in Libra may have more of an impact in the daily lives of those who have the following: 
  1. Mercury in Libra:
  2. Sun in Libra: Mercury in the 3rd house:
  3. Mercury in the 2nd house:
  4. Mercury in the 7th house:
  5. Aspects between Mercury and the Sun or the Moon. 

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