Celestail Messages: Dream Interpretation with Nicole

Celestial Messages

Is pleased to offer new and existing clients this  fabulous  September Special…

It’s a great opportunity to try a dream interpretation reading. 🙂

Sweet Dreams…

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Dream Interpretation with Nicole

Have you ever had one of those dreams that you knew had a deeper meaning but just couldn’t figure out what that meaning was?
Possibly you have had a dream where you feel like spirit, angels or a departed loved one was trying to get a message across to you.
Sometimes there are dreams that seem to be such a muddle of things that you don’t even know where to start to make sense of it.
If this is the case a dream reading could be for you!
  • Cost: $25:00 regular … $15:00 for the month of  September Only... 
  • How does it work: Once confirmation of payment has been received the client emails the dream experience to Nicole. Once Nicole has received the information it’s her turn to do a reading, connecting with the Angels to interpret the dream. 🙂 Nicole writes up the reading and email’s it back to the client… 🙂 
To Connect with Nicole for your reading please email her at  Celestialmessages@live.ca

Celestial Messages is offering 50% off her Angel Reading for the Summer

SGC Admin: Hi folks… Lovely Nicole of Celestial Messages is offering folks 50% off of a specially selected Angel reading for the summer only. 

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The reading being offered will focus on your “spiritual lesson, which archangel’s energy is there to assist and some insight into the past, present and future”

Anyone may order this reading at the regular price of $40:00. 🙂 

However, Nicole is a long time friend and supporter of SGC and she is kindly offering SGC followers and supporters this reading at $20:00.

All you need do to qualify for this price is let Nicole know that we (SGC, Serenity’s Gift Cove) sent you….  email us by clicking here to receive your “invite” to this fabulous summer deal.