SGC Admin: From our Inbox to You… The Magical Blend shares tips on how to meditate… especially helpful to those who of us who find it hard to do so, and those who have always wanted to try, but just don’t know where to start… 🙂 Thanks to Robyn for sharing… 

Young woman meditating in lotus position Stock Vector - 11349756
Copyright: Natalja Lazovska

Meditation 10

Robyn keeps repeating in our spell-casts how important meditation is as a daily practice– and she’s totally right. When done with regularity, meditation lowers blood-pressure, eases depression and anxiety, and helps improve general health and well-being. Even as little as 5 minutes of meditation per day shows these benefits– so what reason is there not to meditate?

If you haven’t ever done any meditation before, you might consider checking out our Meditation 101 post.


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