way back wednesday whitby this week may 21 2014
Image from Whitby This Week: Taken in May of 1984 Lakeview Park: L to R: Billy Gordon: Joey Amodeo: Stacey DeMerchant: Lynn Carey: Todd Sterling: Angie Sterling: Tammy DeMerchant


  • Project: Metroland Media Group Durham Region Division: “Way Back Wednesday” project: 
  • Date(s): Every Wednesday  
  • What does it mean?: Every Wednesday Whitby this week will be posting a picture from its archives of people from years gone by. The Purpose: To find out if the folk in the photo’s are still around and hopefully to hear from them and find out where their life journey has taken them… And you never know, reunions could happen too, with long-lost friends and relatives catching up on time gone by. If the folks in the photo’s can be found MMGDRD would love to recreate the photo. 
  • How does it work: Folk are asked to check out: www.durhamregion.com: www.facebook.com/newsdurham: Tweet @newsdurham hashtag #WBWDurham: Here you can see the photo’s and comment on them if you recognize the folk… The above photo is taken from the newspaper, so it’s not too clear, maybe try the website above to view it more clearly. 🙂

source Whitby This Week: May 21 2014 Edition: Leeanna McLean: lmclean@durhamregion.com


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