Samhain Sunday Sabbat Sale from the Magical Blend…. also if you are in Montreal this Sunday Samhain Public Ritual

Samhain Sunday Sabbat Sale 

Are you ready for Samhain yet? If you haven’t gotten your Samhain figured out yet, you’ll have a last chance to stock up on ritual supplies this Sunday, October 25th during ourSamhain Sunday Sabbat Sale. We’ll be offering 10% off all purchases made that day!

If you’d like to do a Samhain ritual, but you’re not sure how to structure one, don’t forget that we have our handmade Samhain Sabbat Ritual Kits available for beginners, or for those interested in learning more about the sabbat!

Symbol for Samhain Sabbat © The Magical Blend 2013 Artist Credit: Kathryn Clausen

Samhain Public Ritual 

For those local to Montreal, a lot of us will be attending the Samhain Public Ritual at Studio Sundari.

“Samhain is a powerful, moving time of year when we reflect on the loved ones we have lost to death’s embrace. It is said that this is a time when the veil between the living and the dead is thinnest, which allows us to communicate with the dead easily, and it allows the dead to whisper to us.

For this Samhain ritual, we will be journeying to the boundaries between the living and the dead. You will be invited to approach the veil, see the shadows of the dead, and whisper your messages to them.

You will also be invited to do some divination for not only yourself, but for others.

We have rented the large room at Studio Sundari, so let’s fill it! Invite your friends and your family to share in this powerful experience. Happy Halloween!

Cost: $5

Blessed Lughnassadh from The Magical Blend Montreal… :) July 26 is their Sunday Sabbat Sale…

SGC Admin: From our Inbox to you from The Magical Blend Montreal….

Blessed Lughnassadh! Everyone… 🙂 

Lughnassadh Logo © The Magical Blend 2013 by Kathryn Clausen

This Sunday, July 26 is our Sunday Sabbat Sale for Lughnassadh! Make your order on Sunday, and you’ll receive 10% off your entire cart!

Lughnassadh is a great time to perform spells related to the sun, spells for health or finances, or spells for abundance! To find out more about the Sabbat, feel free to visit our entry on Lughnassadhin the online Book of Shadows!

The Magical Blend offers free incense with purchase December 2014

From our inbox to you… The Magical Blend, Montreal has some fabulous incense available for the Christmas/Yule season, Spend $25:00 and get the incense as a gift….. 🙂 

Holiday Incense Gift Set

Welcome to the snowy part of the Wheel of the Year, guys! Some of you are probably still hoping to get in some last-minute shopping for gifts; the good news is that you can get yourself a little gift in the process, too! We’re giving away our yearly favourite incense set for free whenever you make a purchase of $25 or more, before tax.

Seasonal Holiday Incense Set

Make a purchase any time between now and January 1st, and for each $25 you spend (before tax), we’ll add in a free set of our seasonal holiday incense. This incense set comes with 10 sticks of apple cider and 10 sticks of holiday pine: burn them together to fill your house with a truly cheerful holiday scent!


incense sticks

Meditation tips from The Magical Blend… :)

SGC Admin: From our Inbox to You… The Magical Blend shares tips on how to meditate… especially helpful to those who of us who find it hard to do so, and those who have always wanted to try, but just don’t know where to start… 🙂 Thanks to Robyn for sharing… 

Young woman meditating in lotus position Stock Vector - 11349756
Copyright: Natalja Lazovska

Meditation 10

Robyn keeps repeating in our spell-casts how important meditation is as a daily practice– and she’s totally right. When done with regularity, meditation lowers blood-pressure, eases depression and anxiety, and helps improve general health and well-being. Even as little as 5 minutes of meditation per day shows these benefits– so what reason is there not to meditate?

If you haven’t ever done any meditation before, you might consider checking out our Meditation 101 post.


Imbolc tips from Selene @ the Magical Blend… and ritual candles/we’moon calendars on sale

SGC Admin: From our inbox to you… Check out the latest from the Magical Blend… Thanks Selene for sharing your knowledge with us… 🙂 

Greeting card to important Wiccan sabbath Imbolc, or Candlemas Stock Photo - 17084347 Illustrator: Belyaev Viacheslav

This is Selene! I know it’s not quite time for Imbolc yet, but I figured I’d pass on some good advice I got recently regarding the holiday. That is, in short, start cleaning now.

For those who don’t know, Imbolc is known to be a time for cleaning, purification, and in general, getting rid of junk. This junk can be metaphysical, metaphorical, or very physical in nature– but you can’t get rid of your emotional baggage until you’ve taken care of the physical stuff, I find. And while I always mean to clean my house on Imbolc, I often find that work and the world in general get in the way of my being able to take a day off and de-junk. As such, my Imbolc rituals always seem just a little guilty; after all, if I really wanted to clean up my altar, wouldn’t I have cleaned up my house first?

Well not this year, folks! I’ve already spent one full weekend getting rid of useless stuff and cleaning out the dust-bunnies, and let me tell you, I’m already feeling way more positive about meeting my Imbolc goals. In fact, I’m planning to keep going at it until my house looks the way I keep saying I want it to look. This year, I will sit down and rededicate my altar without having to apologize to any spiritual presences about the mess.

So here’s my earnest advice for your Imbolc this year: join me, compatriots, in the deadly war against the dust-bunnies. Start your Imbolc cleaning now, and hit it so hard that your house won’t know what happened. Then, on Imbolc, instead of worrying about getting the mess cleaned, instead sit back and enjoy the fact that you’ve already won the battle. 🙂

On Sale…. 

If you’re looking to outfit your altar with some serious candlelight this Imbolc, now is the time to grab your supplies! From now until Sunday, January 19thall candles on The Magical Blend website are 10% off. That includes both our lovely recycled wax candles and our stock of Coventry Creations.

We are down to our very last four wall calendars for 2014, all of them We’Moon Wall Calendars. As such, we’re now discounting them to 10$ each until January 31st– at which point Selene will go play Pagan Santa and give them away to friends so they don’t go to waste. If you still haven’t grabbed your calendar, this is a great time to check it off your to-do list!