Samhain Sunday Sabbat Sale 

Are you ready for Samhain yet? If you haven’t gotten your Samhain figured out yet, you’ll have a last chance to stock up on ritual supplies this Sunday, October 25th during ourSamhain Sunday Sabbat Sale. We’ll be offering 10% off all purchases made that day!

If you’d like to do a Samhain ritual, but you’re not sure how to structure one, don’t forget that we have our handmade Samhain Sabbat Ritual Kits available for beginners, or for those interested in learning more about the sabbat!

Symbol for Samhain Sabbat © The Magical Blend 2013 Artist Credit: Kathryn Clausen

Samhain Public Ritual 

For those local to Montreal, a lot of us will be attending the Samhain Public Ritual at Studio Sundari.

“Samhain is a powerful, moving time of year when we reflect on the loved ones we have lost to death’s embrace. It is said that this is a time when the veil between the living and the dead is thinnest, which allows us to communicate with the dead easily, and it allows the dead to whisper to us.

For this Samhain ritual, we will be journeying to the boundaries between the living and the dead. You will be invited to approach the veil, see the shadows of the dead, and whisper your messages to them.

You will also be invited to do some divination for not only yourself, but for others.

We have rented the large room at Studio Sundari, so let’s fill it! Invite your friends and your family to share in this powerful experience. Happy Halloween!

Cost: $5

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