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June 20 2020 The Sun moves into Cancer.

Cancer the Crab: Water: Feminine: Cardinal:

Cancer folk are always trying to take care of everyone. ☺Nurturing is in their nature, in fact it’s so inherent in these guys and gals that if they don’t have a family close by they will create one from the folks they spend time with. 

Emotional Cancer folk usually operate on ‘gut feelings’ and while they enjoy the company of others around them, spending some time alone in private can do wonders for the energy levels. Like the phases of the moon that rule Cancer, there are times to be out in front and there are times to take a back seat to rejuvenate. 

The thing to watch for with being a Cancerian is not to get caught up in the “needy market”… Depending on others to make one feel “better” is not the best way to explore the finer, points of one’s nature. We all love to have someone around us who wants to take care of us, but most of us don’t want to be “mothered” all of the time. 🙂

Most “crabs” or those with a “crab” influence are great in the kitchen, as feeding others is another way to say “I love you”. For these folk whipping something up for supper is hardly ever a problem (unless mum is feeling a little “crabby”). 

Cancer rules the breasts and stomach. Issue’s with the tummy are likely when under stress, during a full moon or when ignoring healthy eating habits. 

Sensitive by nature Cancer folk, may at times, imagine slights from others and become defensive or withdrawn (as a crab into its shell) in an effort to block any hurt. This is something that should be watched for especially during emotionally vulnerable times (menstruation/ovulation/work or family stress/full moon), actions taken or words spoken during this time may cause more upset than intended or needed. 

Warm Birthday Wishes :

Ian, Christine, Janine, Rose (cusp) And warm birthday wishes are sent to everyone celebrating a Cancerian birthday. 




Summer Solstice: June 20 2020

The 1st day of summer for 2020 and will be the longest day of the year and the shortest night for our hemisphere. A positive time where being outside is the norm along with spending time with loved ones and friends. Summer is a celebration of all things light and who couldn’t use some light after the dark days of winter… 🙂 

As we welcome summer 2020 we give thanks to Mother Earth. 


After the strange and challenging time we have had so far this year, let us hope for a better future, of fun, laughter, love and prosperity… 

New Moon in Cancer June 20 2020:


Traditionally the new moon is a good time to begin new projects, relationships, school etc… However, we have a number of planets in retrograde motion at present, making this an erratic time to begin anything…

Date: June 20 @ 11:02 pm (PT) June 20 @ 2:02 am (ET)

Moon Phase: In the 4th 

Moon void of course: June 23 @ 3:20 (ET) @ 12:20 am (PT) to Moon into Leo on the 23rd. 

Opportunity Time: June 22 @ 11:30 pm (ET) @ 8:30 pm (PT) to void of course: Good for practical matters… keep in mind all the retrograde planets that are happening now. 

June Retrograde Planets: 

  • Mercury: Planet of communication, transportation, technology… Begins June 18th
  • Venus: Planet of money, relationships and beauty: Ends June 26th
  • Jupiter:   Planet of expansion, luck and exaggeration: All Month
  • Saturn:   Planet of restrictions, authority and traditions: All Month
  • Neptune: Planet of imagination, the unknown, psychic ability, lies and deception… Begins June 23rd
  • Pluto: Planet of death/regeneration, sex, shared money, Insurance All Month 

  • The Moon rules Cancer, so it is comfortable in this sign…
  • Cancer moon is sensitive, caring and nurturing… she can also be moody and perceived as being needy. Take care not to over react during this new moon, if you are upset about something, make sure you have the facts before believing someone really meant to cause your harm or hurt your feelings…
  • Get out your cooking pots, the BBQ or your baking trays, cooking and baking are soothing activities for Cancer folk, especially if they can do so for loved ones… Gardening can also be fun and relaxing for those with a bit of earth in their charts…
  • As we approach this New Moon, take care to have a positive outlook, think about what you would like to bring into your life to enhance it… make notes of any projects you would like to begin, draw up plans if you are so inclined 🙂
  • The last few months have been challenging for everyone, we are all beginning to become a bit restless with this way of life (COVID-19)… It is time to come out of our homes again, yet we need to take care still… Frustrations are bound to occur, making this New Moon time an extra special time to be thinking on the positive end of things… 🙂
  • All moon in Cancer Traits will be stronger during the full moon, the full moon will affect everyone, however, those with Cancer chart influences and/or Capricorn chart influences will feel the affects more. As will those who have the following in their charts: 
  • Moon in Cancer
  • Sun in Cancer
  • Moon in the 4th house
  • Any aspects to the ascendant or midheaven

Notes ***

 June 21 is Father’s Day… Happy Dad day 🙂

June 21: Solar Eclipse:

We can be more erratic and emotional during eclipses, it is best to wait out an eclipse before beginning anything or signing anything important papers… if you have to sign anything or commit to anything during this time, take care to check out all the angles. 🙂 If your birthday falls on an eclipse or on the day before or after an eclipse, the year ahead could be an important turning point in your life… stay positive and a positive year ahead is possible. 

Greta McKenzie Astrology 06/17/2020

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