On July 8th 2019 Chiron (The wounded healer) goes retrograde in the sign of Aries: Chrion remains retrograde until December 12 2019.
This could prove to be a challenging time for some of us…and we are encouraged to take note of the challenges, what area of life are they occuring in…?

Most likely, said challenges will have to do with our self-confidence, ego and sense of self…

As with any retrograde motion, it is better to work with the energy, then to work against it….Take some time over the next few months to do some self healing work… try not to pass blame for mistakes past and present on others… ask yourself if you are being truthful to YOU… find what needs to and can be fixed and take action to do so…. accept what cannot be changed and leave it behind…

Take care not to become overly assertive or aggressive with others if you are of a bold nature… On the other hand if you aren’t usually of a bold nature… now may be your time to shine and “tidy” up emotional messes in your life so you can finally move on…

©Greta McKenzie Astrology July 3 2019


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