SGC Admin: Hi Everyone… we would just like to say a big thank you to all of our new follower’s… we know that there are many, many websites out there dealing in such topics as we do, and we are humbled and grateful that you have chosen SGC… Welcome to the “SGC Family” šŸ™‚ We encourage you to comment on our posts, start a conversation with other followers, and or send us your questions… šŸ™‚

And Just in case any of you folks out there are having a bit of a challenging time with Saturn Retrograde this time around we hope the following can assist you … šŸ™‚

Saturn Retrograde.… Feelings of sadness and tiredness are abundant at the moment… the energy feels heavy, forcing us to “plod along” rather than glide along..

Saturn is the planet of restriction, he is authority and “parent like” in the way he expects us to do what is “proper”…Ā  Saturn is reminding us that in life, some things need to be attended to, even if one doesn’t feel like doing them…Ā  We need to be responsable right now, its not play time, it’s work time… work on oneself, work on on going projects, work at work, work on looking for work, work on the domestic and family fronts etc…. And as daunting as this may seem, it’s not really all bad if we can look at this time as a sort of “time out”, as if our Parent(s) are guiding us towards steadiness in our lives… Once we are aware of this, we can organize our time in such way, so that we can indeed bring some fun and sun into our daily chores and routines, all we need do is set aside the time that is needed to do some work on what needs working on now.

As with any retrograde planet, the time is not for beginning new things, but rather it is a time when we may look at what we are accomplishing, where we are heading and how we are getting there… It’s a time to review our actions and thought patterns… and because Saturn is connected to our responsibilities, it is also a good time review our work and career directions… Are we doing the best we can? Are we happy in our work? Are we in the “right job”? Is our work going to bring us closer to our ultimate goals? Are we getting payed what we are worth?… All these thoughts may flit through our minds during this time, yet there is no rush to make changes or big decisions, because we have until the beginning of September before we have to take any action.

Our relationships may also be reviewed during this time… and while Saturn isn’t as interested in relationships as Venus may be, he does understand the importance of them, he respects them and the traditions they may represent. If someone isn’t being as respectful as one may like, or if one finds they aren’t being as respectful as they should be towards another person, this may be a good time to review said relationship.

We wish you a happy and productive Saturn retrograde time… the SGC team…Ā 

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