• Astrological Event: Mercury goes retrograde
  • Date enters “storm”: August 3 2017
  • Retrograde Date: August 12 2017
  • Date back into “storm”: September 5 2017
  • Date Mercury goes direct: September 10 2017
  • Mercury goes retrograde in the sign of Virgo until the end of August and then moves into the sign of Leo before moving back into Virgo on the 11th of September:
  • Those with the following strong influences in their charts will feel the Mercury Retrograde the most.
  • Mercury in Virgo or Leo and to a lessor extend, Mercury in Aquarius or Pisces
  • Sun in Virgo or Leo and to a lessor extend, Mercury in Aquarius or Pisces
  • Ascendant and or Midheaven in Virgo and to a lessor extend, Mercury in Aquarius or Pisces
  • Mercury in the 6th house and to a lessor extend, Mercury in the 5th, 11th or 12th house. 
  • planet mercury animated gif pic image
  • What does it all mean?
  • Mercury is the planet of communications, he is also a messenger and likes to do two things at once. He rules Gemini and Virgo.
  • Mercury rules communications, transportation and technology
  • While things may begin to run a little smoother in the above area’s once Mercury turns direct… try not to expect too much. Until he is “out of storm” on the 10th, missed appointments, misunderstandings, upset transportation, vehicle breakdowns and breakdowns relating to anything that runs on motor or by technology can still happen.
  • It’s a great time to make notes of your ideas, but don’t start anything new right now if you can help it.. If you do have a new project, job, relationship or you decide to buy a home or car during this time… be aware that not everything is likely to work out the way you may have expected… the best way of looking at things is with lower expectations than normal, this doesn’t mean you have negative expectations, it just means being open to all possibilities. 
  • Anything that needs re-doing, renewing, re-decorating, re-assessing or redressing is good to do now. And sometimes, if something “escaped” you in the past.. such as a house for sale that you loved but got sold, or a job that was on offer but then wasn’t.. can re-occur under the Mercury retrograde… 🙂 anything can happen under the Mercury retrograde and it doesn’t all have to be “scary”… 

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Copy-write: Greta McKenzie Astrology August 13 2017

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