An empath is one who is sensitive by nature, able to feel the moods of others and at times pick up their intentions, thoughts and more. Many empaths are lightworkers, if not all, which means that in addition to one’s personal life purpose, the empath is meant to serve humanity for the highest good of all. Likely, if you are an empath, you are drawn to doing just that in whatever capacity feels the most fitting for you.

At heart, empaths are kind, generous, loving and dedicated individuals, but many also have mischievous and solitary natures. Many empaths share a close bond to animals and nature because the vibration is a match more than with many people.

Living in the world as an empath can be challenging at times. An empath must shield and ground daily to avoid picking up unwanted energies. Care must be taken with relationships of all types because often the light of the empath is sought by those who have dimmed their own.

Another challenge can be found in the competing desires of wanting to help and serve versus needing solitude; balance must be realized but this can take many life lessons to accomplish. Most of all, an empath must remember to give themselves the warm love and compassion that they so freely lend to others, believing in themselves and embracing their life mission in every way.

About Joy:


Jocelyn Joy Thomas is an intuitive empath with an Etsy shop where you can purchase readings from her. She has a few empath readings that she offers, including for love, career, and your spiritual path – check them out, fellow empaths!

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