• Astrological Event: Mercury turns Direct
  • Date: January 8 2017
  • In Storm Until: January 14 2017
  • planet mercury animated gif pic image


  • What does it all mean?
  • Mercury is the planet of communications, he is also a messenger and likes to do two things at once. He rules Gemini and Virgo.
  • Mercury rules communications, transportation and technology
  • While things may begin to run a little smoother in the above area’s once Mercury turns direct… try not to expect too much. Until he is “out of storm” on the 14th missed appointments, misunderstandings, upset transportation, vehicle breakdowns and breakdowns relating to anything that runs on motor or by technology can still happen.
  • If you started making notes Beginning December 15 2016 about your ideas and plans for the future… check them out now and see how they sound… 🙂

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Copy-write: Greta McKenzie Astrology January 2017





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