Exploring Energy Healing
3 hour Discussion Group
1st Thursday each month from 6pm – 7:30pm
at Traci’s Home Studio
in Brooklin ON**

Transforming Your Own Life through the Knowledge of Metaphysicis…

EXPLORING ENERGY HEALING is a monthly program offering 3 hours of interactive & experiential conversation that opens your mind to Metaphysics – specifically to what Energy Healing is, how Energy works and most importantly, how you can apply it to transforming your life. Come once or catch all eight empowering sessions!
Each session offers the answer to what Metaphysics actualy is and how it works to transform your life; brings Self Awareness to play for your highest good, teaches you tools and resources to make joy and peacefulness more accesible; sharing “how to” information on specific Energy Healing work like Reiki, Yoga and Mediatation.
This program cycles through 8 sessions, one each month starting in September of each year.  You can come to just one sesion, pick ones that work for you or for the greatest impact make the time for all eight. May & June are open for covering anything we feel we missed.  I take July and August off to plan new programs.
In these sessions, we will cover topics like:
  • What is Metaphysics and how does having a  Spiritually based positive mental attitude benefit us.
  • How does developing Self Awareness allow us to grow as people.
  • Understanding how physical pain, emotional trauma, mental turmoil and spiritual disconnection effect our lives and how we can transform any negative effects.
  • What is Universal Life Force Energy, What is Reiki and how do we use Energy to learn, heal and grow.
  • What the four ways are that Spirit Communicates with us; What is an Empath and how do we energetical protect ourselves.
  • How we ground to Earth Energy, open to Heart Energy and how to Connect to Heaven Energy toguide, teach, heal and protect ourselves.
  • What is the 8 Limb path of Yoga and how does understanding this philosophy change us on all levels of being
  • How Meditation changes everything, what it realy is all about and how it can be easy peasy for you.
Each session is organic in nature. Although the topic is formed, the content is all about what  the group requires in that moment and therefore it is open to free flow in order for it to be exactly what you need!
1st Thursday each month
6pm – 9pm
**Coming in October… Exploring Energy Healing will be going ONLINE – join us LIVE from the comfort of your own home and still connect with other like-minded people!
In person sessions are limited to a maximum of 6 students; in person sessions will include hands on healing and channeling as required.


3 hour Session is just
$15 + HST

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