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Winter Tips for our furry family members and four legged friends from Kristen Calis

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  • Don’t leave your dog or cat alone in a car during cold weather… Cars hold the cold  acting like  refrigerators. 
  • Be aware of cats looking for warmth under the hood of your vehicle… Knock on the hood or sound the horn before starting the engine.. Cats can be injured or killed by the fan belt on start-up of the vehicle. 
  • When the Temperature drops below freezing… cats should be left indoors and dogs should only go out for short bathroom breaks(supervised). 
  • Try a comfortable dog sweater or coat for your puppies and short haired dogs and cats. 
  • Never shave your dog down to the skin in winters. 
  • When bathing your dog during the winter months, be sure he/she is completely dry before you let him/her outside. 
  • Clean up antifreeze spills carefully and dispose of the rags as hazardous waste. 
  • When out for a walk with your fur baby watch out for antifreeze and break fluid spills. Antifreeze is sweet in taste and a little lick can cause a whole lot of trouble… too much can be fatal to our fur babies. 
  • Wipe your pet’s paws and underside with a damp towel after going for a walk… Salt and snow melting chemicals may burn the little paws, and make them sick if they lick them. 
  • Remove any ice balls by placing feet in warm (not hot) water before wiping them with a towel. 
  • Little animal booties can help to protect their paws
  • Never let your dog off leash when out in the snow, especially in snow storm, they can lose the scent for home and may fall through the ice.. 
  • Dogs should be taken inside in the winter, but for those who do live outside, it is essential that they have good, warm shelter and continued supply of fresh water. 
  • Thanks to the OSPCA for these invaluable tips… if you see a neglected or abandoned dog please contact: 310-SPCA or call the police @ 905-570-1520 in an emergency. 

source: Kristens’ Kritters section Whitby This Week November 11 2015 Edition. You can contact Kristen at: or @ 905-215-0427


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