SGC Admin: From our inbox to you... 🙂 Dawn James, author and vibrational coach offers a few of her favorite home made summer drink recipe’s… a delicious way to cool down & infuse the body with good things… 🙂 Thanks for sharing Dawn… 🙂

When the temperature starts heating up its important we stay hydrated and cool.
Over the years I have experimented with a variety of fruits and spices from our garden to make summer drinks. Today I am sharing my  favorite homemade summer drinks- that I hope will quench your thirst!


Homemade Ice Tea
This one is a classic summer drink. You can use a variety of fresh herbs a lemon or two and a touch of raw honey (for those of you with a sweet tooth!)
Why homemade? Because most store bought counterparts have a tremendous amount of sugar and may contain artificial ingredients.

Recipe for Peppermint Ice Tea:
Steep peppermint tea in water for 30 minutes (two tea bags per litre of water).
Add one tablespoon of honey per lite, add lemon slices and chill.
Fresh Juice
What can compare to a fresh squeezed orange or grapefruit? Fresh fruit juices are full of enzymes, vitamins and minerals and delivers instant energy directly into our cells.
You can hand juice or invest in a juicing machine.

Coconut Water
One of the best ways to replenish electrolytes that we lose from sweating, breathing or a hot day at the beach… is to drink coconut water. Did you know young green coconut water contains more potassium and less calories  than regular sports drinks? Coconut water not only hydrates our bodies but also replenishes  essential minerals and antioxidants.

Water with Fruit or Herbs
Yes good old fashioned H2O with some creative additions such as berries, mint, cucumber or lemon. Lemons have an alkalizing affect on the body; Mint is a natural stimulant and energizes the body; Berries for vitamin C – an antioxidant ; Cucumbers – thanks to its vitamin B content – helps reduce stress.

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