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  • Event: June Red Tent Gathering
  • Date: June 21 2015
  • Location: Dolly’s Tarot 1 Division St, Bowmanville, Ontario
  • Cost: “by donation only ($5 suggested.) Donations may be monetary donation, time donation (set up & take down), a healing, red pillows, red scarves or fabric, a craft for the gathering, food or an item for the altar”.
  • What’s it all about? “Our New Moon Red Tent Gathering is being held in a brand new little funky space in Bowmanville. We will be celebrating not only the new moon but Summer Solstice as well so come prepared to enjoy part of our time outside (weather permitting). Join us (the rent tent ladies) to celebrate all that it is to be a woman. To share stories, poems, songs and dreams”.
  • Notes **: “There will be music and mooooovement. Please bring a scarf or piece of fabric that you can see yourself swirling with (or waving above your head from your repose on pillows on the floor) We’ll be closing our eyes and dancing summer in to our circle”
  • For more information:
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The Rent Temple Durham Region, is a place where all women can gather and celebrate being a woman… 🙂

Please visit either Facebook above page for more information or to inquire about becoming a member 🙂 

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