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  • Event: The Durham Region Walk for ALS: 
  • Location: Port Perry Fairgrounds: 15835 Old Simcoe Rd, at the Reach  Street intersection
  • Time: Registration for the walk begins at 8:00 am: The Walk will start at 10:00 am
  • What’s it all about: “A 5 kilometre fundraising stroll” to help those who live with ALS. “Amyo-trophic lateral sclerosis is a neuro-degenerative terminal disease. There is no cure or treatment available and those affected experience gradual paralysis throughout the body as the nerve cells that control movement die. Eventually, the disease kills because it impacts the patient’s ability to breathe”. 
  • To Benefit: ALS suffers by providing: Support Services: Equipment: To help maintain a quality of life for as long as possible
  • More information/Registration: Phone: Heather Moore @ 905-809-4091 Email: Visit: 

source: Whitby This Week June 11 2015 Edition: 

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