thick white cat Stock Photo - 33446883 Copyright : Anna Yakimova

Please note the above image is a likeness of the image presented in the Whitby This Week and is not Opal

“Opal is a domestic short-haired female approximately 2 years old. She gets along well with other cats and likes to play with toys. She likes to cuddle and would be a good addition to a family with kids.

For information on how to adopt Opal or any other cat up for adoption at Oshawa Animal Services by calling 905 436 3311″

There are many cats looking for a forever home, and some who cannot get adopted out will be euthanized. However, owning a pet is a long-term responsible commitment, there are costs involved such as litter and food, annual vet exams and vaccinations and unexpected emergencies..Pet insurance is available at varied rates, as is creating a savings account for pet expenses. As cats age some can become a lot work, or develop health issues, it suggested, that any who consider adding a furry four legged animal member into the clan remembers they are doing so for (hopefully) many years to come. 

To find out which shelter near you has cats for adoption, please search June adopt a cat month durham region. 

Source: Whitby This Week June 10 edition: Kristen’s Kritters 905-215-0427:

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