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Planet Earth in children s hands against spring flowers  Elements of this image furnished by NASA Stock Photo - 17642632 Copyright : Igor Yaruta

Keep it up: municipal declarations are making a difference

Illustration depicting a green chalkboard with a human rights concept written on it  Stock Illustration - 13085505 Copyright : Samantha Craddock

We’re working towards gaining recognition for the right to a healthy environment at the provincial and federal levels. But building people power at the local level is still our best way to get there. Here’s why, and how.

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 Crowd or group of different people isolated in white Stock Photo - 9532849 Copyright : Luis Louro

More than 2,700 people help Connect the Blue Dots

On April 19, we saw an amazing turnout as people in communities across Canada showed up to show their support for environmental rights. Check out these pictures and details from the national day of action. And a big thank you to everyone involved!

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Beautiful island beach at Maldives Stock Photo - 18904827 Copyright : haveseen

Lessons from the Maldives

Eminent Canadian law scholar Doug Schmeiser helped the Maldives write its constitution, including environmental rights. He shares his perspectives on the opportunities, and challenges.

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