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A closer look at Meditation from Madisyn Taylor‏

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Meditation creates the space you need to get through your day, your life, your challenges.

Dear Friends,

The month of May has arrived, which is one of my favorite months of the year. Spring is in full force in most places, and the anticipation of summer’s arrival is palpable. I start working more outside, bringing my laptop to the outdoor table and setting up for the day under an umbrella in anticipation of new and wonderful ideas to come forth. Another thing I love to do outside is my daily meditation practice, and the lovely weather of May makes it ideal in so many ways.

For those of you that have been reading my work for years, you know how important meditation is in my life. Some of you already have a practice in some form, and still others either have not yet tried it or are a bit reluctant to try. When I do radio interviews I always talk about meditation and how it is for everybody, not a select few. You don’t need special equipment or to go to a sacred place or to even sit in the lotus position (legs crossed over each other). All you need is the intention to sit and be still for as long as you can, whether it is only a few minutes to start or 30 minutes. People ask me why I love to meditate, and the reason is that it is my quiet time to connect to spirit and listen. Then my mind clears out and I come to a place of complete peace. This, in turn, sets the stage for my day, and if I become upset or scattered I need only tune into the feeling I had during my morning meditation. I wrote a story a while back about prayer being an active time ! of asking and meditation a quiet time of listening. For some reason people thought I was bashing prayer, which is far from the truth. I was simply explaining the difference between the two practices.

Over the next four Mondays in May, I will be sharing with you different stories about the topic of meditation. Keep a look out for those in your email Inbox.

If starting a meditation practice sounds like something you may want to explore further, I have gathered four courses to assist you.

Learning to Meditate by Madisyn Taylor. This is a course I wrote with my DailyOM readers in mind. It is an eight-week course that takes you through everything you need to know about meditation, from the very basics. I also explore all of the ways you can meditate, such as guided meditations, music meditation, walking meditation, etc. Everybody has a way to meditate that is ideal for them. You just need to explore to find what suits you best. more info

How to Quiet the Mind by Gina Lake. This is an eight-week course that includes exercises, videos, and meditations to help quiet your mind. Explore the truth about your mind and who you really are, detach from the egoic mind, and learn how to experience the ”now” and stay there. more info

A Year of Guided Meditations by Dudley and Dean Evenson This is a 52-week course brought to you by our friends Dudley and Dean Evenson. Each week you will receive a new meditation featuring soothing voices and beautiful musical background with video images of nature. The meditations are about one minute long and are spoken in the ”I am” tense, or affirmations. more info

Being Here Now by Ram Dass. This is an eight-week course where you will learn to live with change and to navigate the complexities of your life by being in the moment. Come back, come home, be present again, be here now. more info

I would also like to mention that I have a new guided meditation that I released last month called Releasing Fire Guided Meditation. It has been so warmly embraced by you, my readers, and I am so happy to hear that it is helping you. Look for more of my guided meditations coming soon.

Until next time, please be well and wishing you the best on your meditation journey.

Madisyn Taylor


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