Spring Special

Blossoming cherry trees framing the nice blue sky with the sun Stock Photo - 17897589
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Spring has finally sprung!

New Life ~~~ New Growth

Like spring, something wonderful is waiting to emerge and grow within you.

A reading/healing could be just what you need to bring new growth and change to your life.

Together we can create the masterpiece that is within you.

new beginning Stock Photo - 1798899
http://www.123rf.com: Copyright : Archana Bhartia
  • Intuitive Reading & Energy Healing (1 ½ hours)$70.00  **(AND…for a limited time only receive a copy of my Meditation CD, value $20.00, with the above special.)**
  • Intuitive Reading (1 hour) $45.00
  • Energy Healing (1/2 hour) $20.00

  Gift Certificates Available

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White Swan~~~Spirit Heart

MaryLou Westenhoefer


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