Whitby Drum Circle

Close up of the djembe isolated on black background Stock Photo - 13513127
http://www.123rf.com: Nick Velichko

With Julie Ditta

Let out your inner drummer!

We start with a meditation and then let the drumming take us on a creative, energizing, music-making journey that is never the same twice.  

You don’t need to know how to drum or have previous musical experience to be part of this unique circle. There is no right or wrong way to drum and no pressure to perform.

We embrace the flow of free form music-making. Express yourself, be creativity and enjoy an increased sense of self-esteem and vitality.

Members of the circle make this a one of a kind the musical experience by sharing a variety of drums and rhythm instruments.

  • Date: April 24 2015: 
  • Time: 7:30 pm
  • Location: Ezra Annes Bed & Breakfast 239 Wellington St., Whitby
  • Cost: $10.00: Refreshments

Please Call Julie to register & reserve your spot today !! 🙂


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