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Transiting Jupiter turns direct… 

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  • Astrological “Event”: Jupiter goes from retrograde to direct
  • Sign: Leo 
  • Date (s): April 08 2015 
  • House:11th house

What Does This All Mean:?

  • Jupiter is the planet of expansion and of luck. As he has been in retrograde motion for the last few months, the expansion in our life that we have expected, needed or desired may have been just within grasp but almost certainly out of reach. We may have had time to expand our ideas in a more secluded or personal manner, and we may have learnt to rely more on ourselves than on “luck”. 
  • Now, as Jupiter turns direct, movement and action resulting in progress is once again possible. It’s time to take our ideas, notions, passions and excitement to the next level. Be open to opportunities and chance meetings, all of which can help to move us along our merry way. 
  • Those who have a strong Jupiter influence may experience expansion in the personal life and in the physical sense.. these folk may have to watch the diet or come up with an enjoyable exercise routine. It is especially important for these guys to be open to opportunities within areas of interest, love, business, work, if they are in the process of a new beginning. 
  • Transiting Jupiter in Leo in the 11th house: This could be a good time to spend with friends, pets and children, expansions in these areas are also possible. Joining teams, groups, doing volunteer or community work can be enjoyable and rewarding. 

This transit will affect all of us, but will affect those with the following in their charts more. 

  • Jupiter in Sagittarius
  • Sun in Sagittarius
  • Sun in Aquarius
  • Jupiter in Aquarius
  • Jupiter in the 11th house
  • Transiting Jupiter aspects to natal, sun or moon. 
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