New Years Events:

Whitby: The Wave: Weez:

Scarborough: Lisa Smith Powerhaus

2015 count down - Happy New Year greeting card Stock Photo - 31042411 Copyright : Anna Ivanova


The Pearson Pub
101 Mary Street West, Whitby, Ontario L1N 2R4

NEW YEARS EVE is almost here. Guess what you and your friends are doing this year? You are all coming to THE PEARSON PUB and partying with THE WAVE!!! AWESOME FOOD, GREAT STAFF AND A NICE BIG DANCE FLOOR!! We’ve got a bunch of new tunes, and there are DINNER SPECIALS and CHAMPAGNE to be had! You will not be disappointed!! I know WE’ RE getting loaded!!!! 🙂 How about you? All of the cool people are drinking at The Pearson this year!!! You ARE cool, aren’t you? Join us, and help make this New Years Eve Legend….(Wait for it!!) ……..Dary!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO COVER, JUST BRING YOUR BAD SELF!!!!

Gryphon Pub
114 Dundas St E, Whitby, Ontario L1N-2H7

HAPPY New yeaR!!!! come early stay late find 5 dates and take yer shirts off goddaMN!!!!!!! Gonna be rockin out again this year at the Gryphon Pub last year was outstanding. this year….maybe BETTER!!!!!!! Come check out WEEZ!!!!

Mcgradies Tap & Grill
2167 Victoria Park, Toronto, Ontario M3B-3N8

Lisa Smith / Peter Greco / Chuck Page / Tim Langan / with lighting, special effects and production by Highway Starr /
There is NO COVER for this event !!!

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