Astrology and how it “Works in our daily life”

Opportunity Period’s

opporunity Stock Photo - 3926831 Copyright : kuzma
  • Event: Opportunity Period (thanks to Jim Shawvan for figuring out the Periods)
  • Date(s): October 15 2014 to October 16 2014
  • Time(s): 7:26 pm (ET)/4:26 pm(PT) to 6:29 am (ET)/3:29 am (PT)
  • Moon sign: Cancer. .
  • Other Planet(s) Involved: Mercury in Libra
  • Void off Course: Yes.  7:26 pm (ET)/4:26 pm(PT) to 6:29 am (ET)/3:29 am (PT): There are only 4 signs in the zodiac that work well with the Void off Course moon. Cancer is one of those 4 signs. 

What does it Mean?: 

Jim Shawvan, astrologer, over a 30 year period, has developed the Opportunity Period’s system. He shares his findings in Llewellyn’s Daily Planetary Guide. 

  •          An Opportunity Period (OP) is a period in which the aspects of the transiting Moon to other transiting planets show no interference with the free flow of decision and action. (Jim Shawvan)
  •        ” Opportunity Periods apply to everyone in the world all at once; although, if the astrological influences on your own chart are putting blocks in your path, you may not be able to use every OP to the fullest. Nevertheless, you are always better off taking important actions and making crucial decisions during an Opportunity Period.” (Jim Shawvan)


  • When an OP appears make the best of the time if possible. 
  • Some OP times are very short and happen in the late hours of the night or early hours of the morning. 
  • This OP is good for follow up work, if you don’t have any work to follow up/through, take the time to rest and relax this evening.

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