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  • Event: Weekend Retreat – Sacred Sounds & Rhythm
  • Date(s): August 23 and 24 2014:
  • Location: Lakeview Retreat, 83 Old Rail Road Cramahe, Ontario. K0K 1S0
  • Cost: 390/person
  • Registration: Yes… Registrations need to be done by August 10 2014
  • What’s There: “Discover how the certain sound instruments can amplify our ability to heal, expand our consciousness, and transport us from a place of dissonance and imbalance to harmony and joy.  Together we will explore the rhythm of the drum – learning to slow down, be creative and have fun.  Drumming in a group allows us to better access and feel the power and energy of rhythm and vibration and feel our own inner strength. We will also experience the uplifting and soothing sounds of crystal and Tibetan singing bowls and how their alpha tones help us rebalance and restore our energy bodies.  Affirmation work rounds out this sacred sound retreat as we learn to use our own self-created sounds to shift and uplift our vibrational frequency and attract positive life experiences through positive beliefs, thoughts and words.”
  • More Information: Please Click Here to Register for this event

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