The Sun Moves into Leo

 July 22 2014…..

Leo: Masculine: Fire: Fixed:

Leo: Zodiac Girl Series with Clipping Path Stock Vector - 4539057
Copyright : Lorelyn Medina

Leo’s are fun people to have around as they enjoy being with company and many of them (not all) enjoy being in the spot light, so you can find lots of Leo’s who enjoy dance, acting, singing, rapping, writing etc. Guess you could call Leo the “Hollywood” sign. :)

These guys and gals require the finer things in life, if this means they have to go without in order to wait until they can afford the object of their desire, then so be it… It’s all about quality over quantity with these guys, (well for the most of them anyway). :)

Leo’s possess a fabulous creative streak, of which they are advised to allow free reign as it’s an awesome way to let off steam or reduce the stress level.

Pride comes before a fall and some of you (especially if you have other Leo influences in your chart ) may be inclined to bossiness or a belief that you really are the best at all you do :) … 

Leo’s are fabulous at organization.

Leo’s can be determined and stubborn, so there really is nothing they can’t do… :)

A Very Happy  Birthday Shout Out To:

Phil, Liz, Chris, Donna, Marcel, Barry, Jeff and Rose (cancer/Leo) and to all who will be celebrating the Leo Zodiac….. Have a fabulous year…. :)

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