SGC Admin: From out inbox to you from the Tranquil Garden… Check out what’s going on this week… Today July 16 2014 is FREE Soul Healing Miracles Evening… 🙂 

heaven background : Flowers and  butterflies  in the sky Illustration
Copyright : MARYNA BORYSEVYCHFREE Soul Healing Miracles Evening
Wednesday July 16th 7p
with Master Lynne Nusyna
Master Lynne is a Divine Channel and Certified, high level Soul Healer and Teacher. Join her to learn and experience soul healing wisdom, practices and techniques to transform every aspect of life. Clear blockages that affect your health, your relationships, and your finances. The secret for true and lasting healing is: 

Heal the soul first and the mind and body will follow. Receive a complimentary copy of the Soul Healing Miracles book by Dr. & Master Sha and a special Soul Healing Blessing for any aspect of your life.. Learn more

meditation : Yoga meditation at the sacred lotus sea of heaven
Guided Meditation
Thursday July 17th 6:45 pm
with Empowerment Coach Traci Trimble 

Join us for a relaxing Guided Meditation experience on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month. Maximum of 12 people. Reserve Your Space today

heaven background : The hand holds a transparent butterfly against a rainbow. Symbol of environmental protection Illustration

How to Connect with Heaven – Meet Your Spiritual Mothers & Fathers

Saturday July 19th 10:30a – 4p
with Master Lynne Nusyna
One of the most important relationships in your spiritual journey is with your spiritual mothers and fathers. These are your Heaven’s Team. They have dedicated their soul life to teaching and training you. These very special beings are also called your guides. Some of them may be saints, angels, holy beings, or ascended masters. The relationship you form with them is very special and will allow you to become more deeply connected with your soul. In this highly interactive workshop, Master Lynne will: * Introduce you to your team * Teach you how to connect with your team * Share soul secrets for Opening Your Soul Communication (spiritual channels) Guidance from the Soul World can transform your life. More information 


Reiki  : Vector illustration of two hands and calligraphic symbol of Reiki over a blue background
Copyright : Cienpies Design
July 25 & 26 and August 16 & 17
with Master/Teacher Traci Trimble

This is a 16 hour intensive 1st Degree Certification taken over 2 weekends designed to provide you with a solid foundation for Reiki, a Reiki Practice and your 1st Degree Certification. Become a Reiki Shoden

Tranquil Garden 905.576.5982
Team@TranquilGarden.ca850 King St W Oshawa ON
at the Oshawa/Whitby Border

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