SGC Admin: Ahh… Woofstock… If you are a dog lover, it’s the place to be this coming weekend May 24 and 25 2014 in Down town Toronto at Woodbine park beaches area… 

cartoon illustration of funny dogs group Stock Photo - 8413841 illustrator: Igor Zakowsk


This is the 11th year for this annual event, that has been touted as the biggest dog event in North America.

People come from all over to be around other dog lovers, to collect free samples and pick up “much needed” collars, clothes, dog beds, treats, food and toys…There is a doggie fashion show and doggie tricks show… with local celebrities doing the hosting… 🙂

You can get your picture taken with your favourite four-legged family member… or end up on City T.V. 🙂

It really is a lovely day out, and amazing how little barking, biting, or upset occurs with so many canine’s about…  🙂 Below is a picture of Tiffany .. Tiffany is a regular to Woofstock each year and is always a hit, her tiny frame and gentle quite nature draws everyone to her… 🙂


Pretty Paws is one of the vendors who frequent Woofstock and Tiffany looks adorable in one of their harness’… 🙂 

Pretty Paw 2

Please Click Here to visit Pretty

Please Click Here to visit


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