Our lady begins her renewal process on

August 6 2013 at 5:51 pm (eastern) 2:51 pm (pacific)

Moon cartoon sleeping  Stock Photo - 13726443
http://www.123rf.com: Illustrator: Putut Handoko

August 6 2013 5:51 pm the new moon will spend a very brief time in Leo.

She will be void off course from 5:51 pm  August 6 2013 until 11:57 pm (8:57pm); where she will visit with the sign Virgo in the 1st quarter.

The New Moon is about beginnings and starts … it’s the time to look forward and put new ideas and projects into motion. For August’s new moon, half an hour before she becomes new and half an hour after she has become new is an excellent time to start something important: 

New moon in the 4th quarter. A good time to “draw back” to reflect on past events and what has been (or has not been) accomplished. Time to clear the slate and plan for the New Moon stage. 

New Moon in the 1st quarter: Our lady becomes visible 5.5 to 12 hours after ‘her birth” (the time she becomes new) she is delicate but strong, eager to start anew almost with the innocence of a babe she wants to begin again and explore all that she can. This is the absolute best time to begin your new projects, especially any projects or ideas that relate to the home and family. Family is anyone you wish to include which for some may be college’s friends, neighbours and co-workers. 

When the moon is void off course we can be unsure as to how we are really feeling about something or someone, it’s therefore advisable to stick to routine tasks at this time. If any legal documents or long-term commitments are in the picture take care to make sure you understand everything that is involved before signing… Delaying important decisions and commitments is highly recommended when the moon is void off course… 

August’s New Moon will carry the Leo and Virgo influences: 

New Moon in Leo: Leo loves drama, after all he is ruled by the Sun, without which we could not exist, it’s no wonder those with a Leo influence can sometimes get carried away. 🙂 It’s a good time to start creative projects, and may even prove helpful if auditioning for parts in a play, movie or band. But watch out for the innocence of the new moon combined with the “showiness” and innate pride of the Lion… Remember your p’s and q’s, and that we can’t all be noticed for our talents all of the time… 🙂 have fun, be creative, spend time around animals and children and who knows what one can achieve under this new moon… 🙂 

New moon in Virgo: Virgo is all about detail, which can sometimes incite worry where it’s not needed. If you are beginning a new project, or planning for the future, don’t be too hard on yourself it everything doesn’t seem to be perfect… You will see the flaws that need fixing, but don’t go crazy, sometimes mistakes are necessary 🙂 If you have been wanting to get in shape, or step up your work out routine now is a good time to start, it’s also a good time to begin a diet as our minds wonder to our health and hygiene… Cleaning out that closet or the car may also prove to be fabulous therapy…

Moon in the 4th House: You may find spending some time alone in retrospect helpful if contemplating  next phase of your life, but don’t stay there too long… 🙂 Focus may be on the home and private life now. 

This months new moon will have more influence on those with the following: Moon in Leo: Moon in Virgo: Sun in Leo: Sun in Virgo: Moon in the 4th house:  

For those who have oppositions or square aspects to the moon, these may prove to be challenging times, if this is the case you are advised not to force issues at this time.  For those who have trines or sextiles, these may prove to be opportune times.

A solar eclipse can have an influence on us making things, plans, issues and or situations that happen during an eclipse last longer than usual. Sometime’s it’s unavoidable and plans have to be made, ideas need to be put into motion and there are some people we just can’t get away from or do without…. In these cases patience is strongly advised. Our last Solar Eclipse was on May 9 2013. 


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