Many of us are intrigued by Astrology, we like to check our daily horoscopes in the newspaper, and some of us may be more interested than others about our Sun signs. 

Astrology is a fascinating subject and it blows my mind each time I learn something new…. I have no explanation as to how the ancients figured out all the “stuff” that makes astrology what it is… but I am very grateful that they even considered checking it out…. 

Each person is unique, and while each zodiac sign retains some basic traits that reside in each person, no two people are the exact same, even twins will have difference’s. Regarding Twins (or multiple births) it is believed that each one takes what they need from the zodiac sign they are born under, even those who seem to be identical will still have slight differences somewhere. I have no idea why this happens, but it’s the only explanation that makes sense to me at the moment… 🙂 

Each sign contains many traits, some of us use more than others and some are drawn to the negatives and some are drawn to more of the positives…. 

Each of us when we are born “pick up” or connect to 10 planets within our system, not just the Sun…. and each planet has an influence on us as follows: 

The Sun = Core 

The Moon= Emotions

Mercury= Communications

Mars= Aggressive/action/motivation/energy

Venus=Feminine, money, beauty, 






In a Natal Chart, each planet listed above will have a zodiac sign “in it” and it will depend on the sign as to how well (or not) the planet and sign work with each other. 

So you see it’s not just our Sun Sign that makes us who we are it’s all of our signs.. these add up and make us who we are…. But the environment we are brought up in and the experiences we encounter as children also play a vital role in who we become. It is therefore important to understand the Natal Chart of your child so you may consider all aspects of your child’s personality when making choices for them. 

Please enjoy our Astrology Notes section … We begin with a brief “note” about the Sun. 

Please feel free to comment and ask questions on any of our posts… 🙂 

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The Sun:

The sun is masculine and is one of the main players in our Natal Charts. As with all life on the planet Earth, the sun is also the core of our being… However he isn’t the one who portrays who we are as children, that’s the moon’s task. The sun comes into play more as we move towards adulthood, and may be some of the reason why rebellion is so “rampant” when we are teenagers…

Up until the time we move into adolescence, we react and learn and live with our emotions. We learn and watch and experience many things through our childhood but it’s our emotions that dictate to us whether or not we like, reject or absorb. When the teenage years hit, we connect more with our core being or at least we try to … we want to be independent, we want to “show” the adults that we truly can be one of them, (although we might not recognize that’s what we want at the time). It is during this time that we begin to think about the person we want to become, how we want others to view us. Ego also plays a part and can be helpful if managed correctly, by “pushing” us towards things, places and people we may normally shy away from.

By understanding our Sun sign traits we can help ourselves move towards the correct career path, we can help ourselves grow into the best that we can be and we learn how to avoid the negative Sun traits that may inhibit our positive growth. 

2 thoughts on “Astrology Notes…. Today’s Post: The Sun:

  1. I have just had my first Astrology reading curtsey of Greta.and am left wondering why I have never had one before. It is so informative….so supportive… and very uplifting …. I has explained many things that have happened in my life…….. it has helped me accept the situation I am currently in and accept I have to let time pass to take me out of the phase I am in…….. and put me on a very positive motivated pathway ….Thank you again……


    1. Hi Maria..

      It was a pleasure to read for you.. I gave you a Lunar Phase reading, along with a little bit of information re: your sun sign and Venus signs (as these were important for you)…. I love the feed back thank you… it’s lovely to hear a reading has been of help to someone… wishing you the best in the future… hugs… 🙂

      Greta Mckenzie
      SGC Admin


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