From the Editor: 🙂

Mother’s Day is upon us once more…. it’s a day of love and gratitude, or hopefully that’s how it works out….

Mum’s (or Mom’s) come in all shapes, sizes, sex’s and colours….. but they all have something in common, the welfare and happiness of their children. To implement this, Mum’s have to put many of their own needs and desires aside until a time comes when their children no longer need them…

Or that’s what they think….. 🙂

My mum passed away in 1999, she was 74 years old and had led a life fit for a novel…. I never stop “needing” her

Mum, or Noreen as she was known to others, was one of the kindest people I have ever met, the only trouble with her being so kind was that she always believed in what people told her, which meant she got into some difficult situations. 

But no matter what life had thrown at her, or who had used and abused her, mum always believed in giving others the benefit of doubt… even into her final days she was concerned for others….

On one visit with her in the hospital, supper was served, and I was directed by my mum to assist the lady in the bed opposite to her. Mum explained, that the lady didn’t seem to get any visitors, so she didn’t really eat very much and was probably lonely… I did as I was bid, and as I looked back at mum I saw her watching me closely, with a look I will carry with me for ever, her look conveyed “that’s my girl, I love you” ….

And as I remember that time, it always amazes me that even at the very end mum’s compassion was such that it never wavered, she still believed in the good of people……

So Happy Mothers Day Mum….. I love you too….. 🙂

Make Mother’s Day Special, think of who your mum is as a person, what does she love to do? What makes her laugh? What makes her smile? Who does she love to be around? What’s her favorite food and drink? 

Gifts for mum need to be true and come from the heart, because that’s what mum’s do every single day…. Here are just a few ideas …..

Things to do: 

  • Dad’s draw your little one’s hand on paper by drawing around it, separate the fingers slightly so you get the whole hand. (it will be treasured for ever)
  • Make breakfast, lunch and dinner and do the dishes and clean up too
  • On Sunday morning let mum know she can do what ever she wants to for the whole day, (if this is possible) 
  • Clean your room
  • Clean the basement
  • Put your winter stuff away neatly
  • Clean out your sports bag and put the stuff neatly away when done
  • Empty the dishwasher
  • Put your plates in the dishwasher and not in the sink
  • Offer to make lunches for the week 
  • Offer to make dinner one day in the week
  • Offer to put the laundry away
  • Offer to go grocery shopping for her
  • Give her the time and space to immerse herself in her hobby

Purchased Gifts:

  • Make up (if you know what she likes)
  • Plants (and offer to help put them in the ground)
  • Dinner out on another day besides Mother’s Day
  • Spa 
  • Flowers
  • Chocolate
  • Wine, Beer or Liquor
  • Manicure
  • Pedicure
  • Gift Certificate for a hair salon
  • Her favourite shampoo and conditioner
  • Jewellery
  • Bags, Wallet, Scarves
Happy Mum’s day to you “traditional” mums 🙂
Happy Mum’s day to you mum’s of pets and animals 🙂
Happy Mum’s day to you who are of the opposite sex or of a different DNA mix…. 🙂

Have a fabulous Mother’s Day Weekend Everyone…. 

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