Astrology and how it works in our daily life: Mercury moves into Scorpio 10/03/2019

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  • Astrological “Event“: Mercury moves into Scorpio
  • Date: October 3 2019
  • Time: 4:14 am (ET) 1:14 am (PT)
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  • What does it mean?
  • Mercury is the planet of thinking, communications and technology. He rules Gemini and Virgo. 
  • Scorpio is the most intense of the all the water signs
  • Our thinking may be directed towards the things we are most passionate about.
  • Ideas may abound, but they may not always be realistic, indicating we should take care of the ones we pursue.
  • We may be more emotionally sensitive regarding how others speak to us, the tone and words may find their mark without the sender even realizing.
  • Be sure to have our facts correct before making assumptions… it never hurts to ask if what we are thinking is what the other is meaning.
  • We may have more of an interest in esoteric subjects
  • We may become mentally absorbed in a passion or subject, indicating this could be a good time to hit the books… What we learn now is likely to stick with us, especially if it’s something we love.. 
  • Be cautious of becoming obsessed or overly passionate about something… and remember that not everyone is going to feel the same way about the same things. 
  • Remember to give our loved ones, friends and colleges space… trust they will do what is right… 
  • Mercury moving into Scorpio will have a slight effect on everyone, but will have a stronger effect on the those who have the following in their charts: 
    • Mercury in Scorpio
    • Mercury in the 8th house
    • Mercury in Gemini
    • Mercury in Virgo
    • Sun in Scorpio
    • Any aspects to Mercury and/or the Sun
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Astrology and how it affects our daily life. Transiting Mercury Moves into Scorpio October 2018

    • Astrology “Event” Mercury comes to visit with Scorpio 
    • Date(s): October 9 2018 to beginning of November
    • Time: October 9 @ 8:40pm (ET) 5:40 pm (PT)
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What does it Mean? 

  • Mercury is the planet of communications and technology, he is what makes us think. He is the ruler of Virgo and Gemini
  • Scorpio is the most intense sign of the zodiac, she is ruled by Pluto and is connected to the 8th house. 
  • Our thinking can get a little iffy under this influence… make sure you aren’t assuming you know how people are feeling or what they are thinking
  • Mergers are possible now, both physical ones and financial ones
  • Take a look at your insurance policy’s
  • Some folks could be in line for “extra” money, such as an inheritance or investment returns. 
  • This could be a good time to get serious about investments, buying a house is also an investment
  • We can be more savy with our money under this influence
  • Getting to know our inner selves is possible, as Scorpio encourages us to dig into secrets and do research
  • Watch out for negative thoughts such as… Jealousy, Spitefulness, Possessiveness
  • Sex can be on the mind of some folks… take care if you aren’t of the mind to procreate right now… 😉 
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