September 2015 Special from Janet Miller of “A Spirited Path”: & Get your free copy of her new Ebook …

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  • What’s on Special? Soul Journey Facials for just $79. 

    A Soul Journey Facial  promotes deep levels of relaxation, triggering bio-chemical responses in brain function. This results in deep relaxation that allows your body to unwind. Your face holds the identify of who you are and you show this face to the world. Every cell of your body has a consciousness, none more powerful than your face. It has stored all of the events,emotions and mis-perceptions of your life to this point. Each session is unique; as each individual has different stressors in their fac

  • Who’s giving the special? Janet Miller of “A spirited path”
  • And……  🙂 Janet Miller is pleased to announce the arrival of her fabulous new Ebook “New Thinking , New Possibilities”… and it’s yours for free… all you need to do is subscribe to “A spirited path”.ca mailing list… 🙂 
  • New ebook
  • How can we to get this special: Please contact Janet @ Phone: 289-423-6544  Email: or visitA spirited path”

Mind, Body and Spirit Event: June 28 2015: Port Perry Area

SGC Admin: Thanks to Janet Miller of  “A Spirited Path shared the following event with us… Janet will be at this event, tell her we said hi if you pop by her table 🙂 

  • Event: Mind, Body & Spirit Event
  • Date: June 28 2015
  • Location: Latcham Center, Port Perry.
  • Admission: FREE
  • What’s it all about? Check out below… 🙂 




Summer 2014 Special from Janet Miller of “A Spirited Path”

SGC Admin: Janet Miller of is pleased to offer her clients this fabulous special on now until September 1 2014 …

Janet loves to help others feel better about themselves and invites you to check out her fabulous services. This offer is a great way to find out if  these are right for you… 🙂 

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Soul Journey facials at ½ price (50% off the regular price)

 PSYCH- K treatments at ½  price (50% off the regular price)

Click Here  to visit Janet’s  website to book yours NOW!

Soul Journey Facial

Indulge your face and your emotional obstacles on the same treatment!

Your facial muscles, connective tissue and skin structure hold your every life experience. Did you know that almost every muscle in the body that carries stress is an involuntary muscle.
A Soul Journey Facial 
promotes deep levels of relaxation, triggering bio-chemical responses in brain function. This results in deep relaxation that allows your body to unwind.

Natural Beauty Remedies from Janet Miller of “A spirited path”

SGC Admin: Check out what we got in our inbox from Janet Miller of “A spirited path”… 🙂 Please Click Here to visit Janet’s website.. 

Janet is also a PSYCH –K  facilitator, a process which helps people move into a new vibration so  much faster than before. If you would like to know more about PSYCH-K please contact Janet directly.. 🙂 


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Lip scrubs are all the rage but and cost a lot of money for just a small amount .
Try this instead:  Sugar buffs away dead skin cells and the honey moisturizes to reveal super soft lips.
1 teaspoon sugar
1/2 teaspoon honey.
Combine the sugar and honey in a small bowl . Mix well with a wooden spoon until it forms a grainy paste. Using your finger tips , smooth the paste onto your lips . Gently scrub in a circular motion , then rinse well with warm water.
When finished smooth on lip balm.

LOVE EPSOM SALTS then try this recipe
Wish you could look 5 pounds slimmer in minutes. Slip into an Epsom salt bath. The baths magnesium crystals extracts toxins and excess fluids to reduce bloating .
BONUS: the salt also exfoliates  skin for instant smoothness.
What you need:
1 cup Epsom salts,
1 TBS. baking soda
1 TBS fresh grated ginger.

Mix ingredients together and pour together into re-closable jar.. As you are running your bath, sprinkle two scoops of the salts into your bath.   Soak for 15 minutes or more.  Keeps indefinitely .

FIRM YOUR STOMACH  With a seaweed scrub
Seaweed extract stimulates circulation, drains fluids and flushed toxins .
1 TBS ground seaweed.
1/4 cup sea salt
1/4 cup almond oil
5-10 drops essential oil ( optional)

Mix ingredients until fully blended. Place scrub into a re-closable  jar. In the shower , massage a scoop over your damp stomach for several minute. Rinse and dry as usual. Keeps one month . Store in a cool dry place.

Stay tuned for my new exciting offerings.

Janet Miller

The Healthy Spirit Show: Whitby: May 26 2013

SGC Admin: January 2013 was  the 1st  Healthy Spirit Show held in Whitby, Ontario.

It was very well received and the organizers are pleased to announce A spring 2013 Healthy Spirit Show … 🙂

Please view the following information on May’s event,  

from Janet, George and Leslie, Healthy Spirit Show organizers. 

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We would like to invite you to join us at the Healthy Spirit Show on May 26 2013

On January 27 2013 we held the first Healthy Spirit Show and it was a huge success with over 350 visitors.

We had 30 exhibitors and guest speakers throughout the day.

On May 26 2013 we will once again be showcasing 30 exhibitors:

Holistic Practitioners and those promoting natural/holistic, environmental and metaphysical products and services.

What makes The Healthy Spirit Show such a success is that by offering free admission we offer the Durham community the opportunity to be introduced to the wonderful diverse natural & holistic products and services available in our own community.

If you are interested in exhibitor information please email us with details about your services.

Please see the attached flyer (below) and we would appreciate you forwarding it on to anyone who you feel might benefit from joining us at the show.

We look forward to seeing you on May 26th!

Lesley, George & Janet