New Links and Connections Added: Angela’s Place… Meditation/Healing through a combination of Therapeutic Touch and Reiki.

Image property of Angela’s Place October 2015

Angela’s Place (Meditative Healing) is brand new, and folk are invited to check it out it at the introductory offer of…

$20:00 for a 40 minute session.. 

Angela’s Place Offers … 

  • Come rejuvenate your mind & body through meditation healing.
  • Healing created through a combination of Therapeutic Touch and Reiki.
    In a harmonized room with gentle scents & music .
  • Warm blankets and Mother Earth Stones are waiting to help with your healing .

Please Contact: Angela @ 905-442-0466 or Click Here to visit her Face Book page… 🙂 


SGC would like to introduce to you our 2nd website… :) SGC2

SGC Admin: Howdy Folks… some good news from the Team… 

The SGC Team would like to introduce you to our 2nd website…

Serenitysgiftcove2 or SGC2 as we like to call it… 🙂 

35808226-card-with-the-inscription-on-the-tape-welcome-and-animals-poppy-for-your-business[1] Copyright : Svetlana Tingaeva

This sister site will showcase the following… 🙂 

  • Hand/Home Made Products
  • Made in Canada Products 
  • The Odd Blog Post or Two… 🙂 
  • Connecting with like-minded folk… 
  • “Consignment” Products (hand/home-made & made in Canada)
copyright SGC2 Knits 2015
  • All SGC products will include applicable tax’s….
  • We offer two price points, one with shipping, and one without for those who can pick up their items. 
  • SGC2 offers Gift Wrapping too… 🙂 We wrap and then mail your gift out to the lucky person(s) on your list… 🙂 

How does the “Consignment” part work?

You send us your information and photos, we put them on SGC2 and promote them for you via our SGC’s Twitter, Face Book, Pintrest and Linkdin media accounts… We may also add them to our monthly newsletter 🙂 …. Our paper newsletter will not include photo’s however, but will include a detailed description (well, as detailed as space permits) ;)…. 

We offer you the option of allowing your customers to purchase your products using our pay pal account… we would then forward you the funds (minus any “commission”) … Please keep in mind that if you opt for this option Pal Pay takes a small percentage from the payment. 

If you don’t want to use the Pal Pay option… You can… 

  • Set up a pay pal account for yourself (if you don’t already have one) and send out your own invoice for payment (Pay Pal takes a small percentage) 
  • Arrange to meet with your customer, they can pay you in cash and you can hand over the product
  • Arrange for payment via money order, cash (drop off, or secured mail) or cash deposit
  • Arrange for payment in any other way you prefer

How do the products get to your customers? 

It is your responsibility to get your product to your customer as we won’t have the physical item.. you choose the delivery method, Canada Post, UPS, pick up, delivery etc… 🙂 

  • Customers will contact you directly from the contact information you provide…
  • Or we are happy to be a go-between for you and your customer… they can email us and we will forward to you… 🙂

What can you share with us?  

“Consignment” products need to home/hand made, hopefully using mostly Canadian/US (North American) components. We understand that sourcing North American components can be a bit of a challenge, so don’t panic if you can’t.. Please keep in mind this a “family friendly” website :)… Any product that is environmentally friendly or encourages kindness to, and respect of, mother earth is also welcomed. Products that invoke happiness, kindness and fun are eagerly accepted. 🙂 

How much will this cost you, why is there a fee, and how does it work? 

Our affordable “fee” or consignment percentage will be mutually agreed upon by us and you at the time of “sign up”. We strive to be fair to everyone… (us included) :).. it takes us time to post your products and we do so with care and positive intention & we hope you understand our reasoning  🙂 

Please email us with your questions, concerns and comments, we will get back to you as soon as we can… 🙂 

Here is the link to our 2nd website… 🙂 Only a few products posted right now, but stay tuned for more… 🙂

Nessie’s Gifts & British Fare in Cobourg, Ontario… Check them out for yummy edibles and fabulous gifts… :)

SGC Admin: Do you ever feel like having a Bournville dark chocolate bar, or maybe a curly wurly… or perhaps you enjoy sweets more, say like jelly babies and such… ? Well if you do and you visit the town of Cobourg, Ontario we encourage you to check out Nessie’s Gifts & British Fare…. here you will find an assortment of British yummies… 

Milk chocolate covered caramel candy bars, isolated on a white background. Stock Photo - 32751480 Copyright : Philip Kinsey
Traditional meat and potato Cornish pasty Stock Photo - 37038214 Copyright : David Pimborough
Tea flower Stock Photo - 31056622 Copyright : Jo Millington
Jelly Babies Rainbow Colors Flavors Stock Vector - 19872107 Copyright : bluedarkat

We provide a little trip down memory lane ….. for everyone who has ever been, resided in or always longed to go to …. Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales.

Marjorie Hunter 🙂 owner/operator

Check them out at: 16 King Street East Cobourg, On, K9A 1K7 

Telephone: 905-372-7158

Check out their facebook page @:

Visit their website @

New business introduction: Quantum Catalyst Marketing… with Nancy Bryans…

SGC Admin: SGC has been recommended to Nancy Bryans, and we say thank you for the recommendation folks… 🙂

If you are looking for help regarding marketing your business or product, please check out Nancy’s bio below. 

Please connect with Nancy directly for more information…. 🙂 


I am a new holistic marketing service provider with a deep passion to help and assist individuals who’s life mission is to heal using various modalities. As well, I have completed level 1 and 2 as a Usui Reiki practitioner, plus have attended energy awaken training, angel workshops,developing one’s empath abilities, astrology training and other non-traditional forms of healing and understandings. 
My new business is called Quantum Catalyst Marketing. I feel I am a little particle that is able to bring together people who can heal others. I am passionate about helping people be successful.

April Edition of OM Times Maginzie

SGC Admin: From our inbox to you… OM Times Magazine… the magazine for Today… 🙂

copyright of OM Times Magazine
OMTimes Magazine
April C 2015 EditionOMTimes is excited to Grateful to have Mallika Chopra on the cover of the magazine.

Mallika Chopra is the successful author of 100 Promises to My Baby, the author of 100 Questions From My Child, and the author of the recently released book Living with Intent. She is a successful entrepreneur, and the founder and CEO of, a social platform for people sharing their intents to lead a happier, healthier, and more meaningful life.

OMTimes is honored to share this exclusive interview.

Read more here