Hi Everyone; 😊

We hope that you have all enjoyed the holiday season… πŸ™‚ For some the season brings sadness, we understand this fully, having lost loved ones over the last 7 years, most recently we lost our beloved brother in law on November 27 2022. May next year be much better for all

However, we did have company this Christmas, such company, that filled our hearts with joy and gratitude… saying goodbye again, was an emotional challenge, especially as one good bye was today, January 6th, with a full moon in Cancer, Mercury retrograde in Capricorn, and opposition between the sun, moon and mercury. I can honestly say that the water element of Cancer, was flowing freely.

Due to the loss of our loved one occurring close to Christmas and the surprise visit from family, we haven’t had the time or the energy to post our usual planetary updates… we appreciate your patience and your support… and we fully expect to be posting our updates once again in the very near future…

FYI: Friday January 6th sees a full moon in Cancer occurring just after 6pm. Cancer is ruled by the moon, the moon is happy in this sign, however, as with all full moons, emotions can run high… if you feel like crying, there is nothing wrong with allowing yourself a good “cleansing”… Love and doing actions that show that love is what this full moon is all about… The Full Moon is said to be the best time for releasing, letting go of used up emotions, creating space from toxics relationships, ending bad habits, and the ending of situations that no longer serve you… Sometimes such endings occur without our “consent” we are forced into them, at other times, we are “directed” towards possible changes, or towards opportunities to end what is no longer working… in these instances, we need to be aware and awake.

Mercury is in retrograde motion, in the sign of Capricorn… Mercury rules over, transportation, communications and technology, he is the messenger… We can expect disruptions in these area’s when Mercury is in retrograde motion, during this time it is better to re-do then begin anew.. Expect to have to re do things. Career and work situations, frustrations, ending and change are most likely to affected during this mercury retrograde.

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