Taurus: Fixed: Feminine: Earth: 

  • Taurus Folk are, reliable, hard-working, dedicated and can be very, very stubborn… Don’t be fooled by their laid back manner and endless patience, they have a “stick to it” attitude that can out do the other signs, and they rarely ever quit once committed… 
  • Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, And is connected to the 2nd house of finances and material security
  • Venus is all about luxury, beauty and money…. So Taurus folk are likely to be attracted to fine  food, good drink and expensive material possessions… 
  • Those most affected to the sun being in Taurus are those who have the following in their birth chart or who’s progressed chart has the following. 
  • Sun in Taurus: Moon in Taurus: Venus in Taurus: Planets in the 2nd house. 

Happy Birthday Taurus have a fabulous day and an awesome year ahead….. 

Special birthday wishes go out to

Emma W.

Jessie McK.

John K. 

Pat G.

and to all who celebrate a birthday during this sign. 


©Greta McKenzie 03/31/2014

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