SGC Admin: Mark Townsend is a “Priest” a magician and an author… He began his journey of divination in the Church of England… However, Mark, being a curious man, wasn’t sure if he was in tune with the Church… And so, he spent time with Druid Priests and folks from the Pagan way of life… He was intrigued, and realized that religion and spiritualism are different things… So thus, began a different journey for Mark…

Mark performs weddings and funerals, among his other spiritual duties… Members of the SGC family have experienced Mark’s kindness and professionalism, and met Mark for the 1st time, when he took care of, and led the funeral service for our dear brother who passed away in 2017. Mark’s kindness will never be forgotten.

As an author, Mark has several books published, and he is excited to present his latest book, and his first fictional piece:

This book is available via Amazon… you can also check out Mark and contact him directly via his facebook page:

“The Traitors Child”

“Radical new mystery thriller. A modern twist on an ancient story –

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