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We understand that the Coronavirus is a serious threat to our health, and we send out healing energy to all affected and hope that the situation does not last as long as is being aniticipated.

We also hope that lessons can be learnt from this global situation, which may be applied to the climate change crisis…

One of the many concerns about creating a cleaner environment, is our reduction on our relience of fossil fuels…

  • How do we do that?
  • We can’t just stop using oil?
  • How will we heat our home?
  • How will we transport our goods and foods?

The list of concerns is a long one, because we use oil in just about everything we use on a daily basis, not just in our modes of transportation. The concerns are real and they are legitimate… 

Changes in our lifestyle, changes in how and what we buy, changes in the “throw-away” mentality, is a start towards adjustment,   .. 

As we watch the rules and regulations being put into place in a relatively short space of time in an effort to protect the global populations from the Coronavirus… It shows us, that, YES we can make changes and implement regulations to help clean up our world… Once such changes are put in place, and (this is the important part) followed by everyone 🙂 other changes will follow…

Of course this isn’t the first time a population has had to “buckle down” and adapt to change for the benefit of the whole…. Have a look at how London (UK), France and the Channel Islands had to change everything they knew in order to survive… 🙂

We are an adaptable species, we have come a long way, and while we are concerned, over the Coronavirus some to “panic mode”, .. Perhaps, we can look at this “pandemic” and understand how our lives all over the globe are connected, and how easily it is to upset “the balance”… but most of all, to understand that we are fragile beings, and we need to respect that…

And just as the Corona Virus is spreading like the fires in Australia this past season… we need to “spread” respect for mother nature, to wake up to the fact that we are NOT the most important beings on this planet… and that our actions, whether they be spreading a virus because of the way we process food, or spreading destruction because greed & ego tell us it’s the only way to the “top” have a disasterous affect on the whole planet… A planet, that is equipped with everything we need to survive in comfort and in good health…

Can we do that, respect the fragility of our human form and respect mother nature…???

Maybe, but if that is going to happen, we have to think outside of the “box” we have to share more, be kinder, have faith that we will have what we need, when we need it… It’s important now, more then ever, that world leaders present workable, serious and practical solutions to replace our relience on fossel fuels, to change the materials used for packaging to ones that will bio-degrade, for the humane process of animals for meat production, to stop the destruction of our rain forests, to clean up and stop the pollution of our oceans and lakes… etc… etc… etc…

Change is within us.. 🙂 

Some Practical Tips to stay safe during the Corona Virus Situation:

  • Wash Hands a lot throughout the day, when you come in from the grocery store or any other errand: May need to moisturize, pick one that is unscented.
  • Wipe down, door knobs, light switches, counter tops, t.v. remotes, several times a day.
  • Change tea towels and hand towels ever few days
  • Change bed linens and any furniture coverings regularly
  • Wash animal blankets regularly
  • Take care of yourself, eat lots of veggies, drink lots of water… Stews, soups and spaghetti dishes are all good choices… Try to limit sugar intake. Get your sleep, and get some exercise in… laugh a lot … 🙂
  • If you are under isolation, ask a friend or a relative to pick up the bits and pieces that you need and leave them on the door step… 🙂

Good luck to everyone one who is currently under isolation… catch up on you reading and creative projects if you are feeling well enough…

Send us your tips and stories 🙂

Some Tips on helping our environment:

  • Think about what you need and why you need it, before going shopping.
  • Think about what products are made of, where they are made and what will happen to them when they are put in the garbage.
  • Avoid impluse buying.
  • Reuse what you can, recycle what you can and donate what you can
  • Be creative 🙂
  • Walk more, Drive less
  • Eat less red meat
  • Try to reduce single use plastic use.. bring your own grocery bags to the store when you shop
  • Try to limit your air travel and cruise travel…
  • Try to limit your car travel, if you are visiting folks on the other side of the city or further, make a day of it or a weekend and do some other stuff while you are there..

There are lots of ways we can make small changes in our lives, and if we all do little things, they will make a difference 🙂

We welcome your tips and ideas on how to help our world to be happy again.

3 thoughts on “Coronavirus = Panic: Climate Crisis = ??

  1. Thanks for making a positive post. Hopefully when the world comes through this we will learn to accept our interconnectedness with each other and our beautiful, but ailing planet ❤️


    1. SGC Admin: aww thank you @The Alchemist 🙂 yes, we have to accept our interconnectedness if we wish to survive “hope springs eternal” we can change and we must change… wishing you and yours a healthy and happy Sunday… 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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