SGC Admin: When we lose a loved one, it is difficult to say goodbye, we will always miss them.. and choosing the most thoughtful or ideal way to intern or release our loved ones isn’t always easy…Our family recently said goodbye to a loved ones “earth suit” in the most beautiful and peaceful way .. From the back a small boat into the clear ocean water of Key West surrounded by mangroves…

photo: property of Dancing Dolphin Spirits Charter
photo: property of Dancing Dolphin Spirits Charters website

Captain Victoria and Dancing Dolphin Spirits Charter services was the right choice for us and we feel it was right for our loved one too..

Photo: property of Dancing Dolphin Spirits Charter

Captain Victoria also offers other charter tours beside memorial ones… 🙂

The moment we met Captain Victoria and her assistant Kandy we felt comfortable. Captain Victoria and Kandy guided us on board and helped us to stow our things.. They even produced blankets, just in case the wind was cooler than we had dressed for.

We really weren’t sure what to expect, but we are so glad we said goodbye to our loved one this way… Captain Victoria took us out to see the dolphins, they came, it was magical… 🙂 we felt blessed and joyful… We even saw an Osprey  fly right across the bow… it was amazing…

We chose a beautiful Mangrove grove… the water was clear, everything was just right… Captain Victoria explained the importance of the Mangroves to the whole life cycle… 🙂 A spiritual and healing feather ceremony was held, it was calming, soothing and peaceful…

Captain Victoria has many years of experience, she looks at the water like we would look at a road map… Her knowledge is boundless, and it is wise to listen well when she speaks… 🙂

Kandi (If she is there on your charter)  is kind and caring, always at hand when needed, taking photo’s and video’s and happy to answer questions and keep you comfortable, while Captain Victoria guides the boat… and wow it’s wild … 🙂

For more information, pricing or to book a charter with Captain Victoria please check out

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