SGC Admin: Hi folks… we are sharing the following information from one of our awesome SGC followers and friend… Dee, who in turn is sharing it for the folks who run this fun sounding role-playing Dungeons and Dragons game… 🙂 If you are a fan, this might be just up your alley… if you end up giving it a go we would love to hear about your experience… 🙂 Email us at:


Are you lacking a little adventure in your life? 

Have you heard people talking about role-playing games like, ‘Dungeons and Dragons’, and wondered what it’s all about? 
Would you and your friends like to try a game but you don’t own the books, or know anyone who plays?  Well look no further!
  • Dungeon Master for Hire is a rpg hosting service that brings the dungeon to your door, anywhere in the GTA. 

    Each 4 hour session includes 3 dimensional dungeons, creepy sound effects and other surprises, for an unforgettable gaming experience! 

    Book a group game for you and your friends, play in a group of people you don’t know in the Monthly Dungeon Challenge, (at my dungeon!), or even play one-on-one with the Dungeon Master in solo play!  Let the adventure begin….


    • Group Play:  4-6 players for 4 hours
      $20 each player
      (each additional hour $5 per player)
    • Dungeon Challenge:  5 hrs
      $25 each player
    • Solo Play:  $25 per hour

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