SGC Admin: Looking for employment is a job in itself, and it’s a competitive market out there…but you don’t have to do it all on your own… Check out what the YMCA can assist you with… Good luck to all the job hunters out there… “Never give up, Never surrender”… 🙂 

Diversity People Togetherness Friends Job Search Concept Stock Photo - 38514323 : rawpixel
  • What: YMCA Employment Services
  • Location: 3000 Garden Street, Unit 100a, Whitby L1R 2G6
  • What’s There: Free: Individual employment support & job leads:
  •                              Free:Help with resume and cover letter writing:
  •                              Free:Job interview preparation with mock interviews:
  •                              Free:Employment workshops:
  •                              Free:Access to computer, internet, printers, fax and job search                                             resources: 
  • Contact: 905-6668-0044:

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