SGC Admin: Lets make “made in Canada/USA a movement… show case your products on our sister weblog SGC2… 🙂 Have a fabulous day everyone…

Gifts and Things.... SGC2

Wow, it’s almost Spring… Yippee… St. Paddy’s day is just around the corner and before we now it, us folks in the northern hemisphere will be out playing in the dirt as we plant our gardens for 2016… 🙂

Spring is all about renewal, and we see all around us, the trees and flowers beginning to bloom as they too renew themselves… 🙂  What better time then to begin a new project or launch a “new” product… 🙂 So if you have hand made, made in Canada or the U.S. items you would like to showcase, please connect with us… we have two different payment plans, which we keep to a minimum, as we value the time and energy it takes for you to make your goodies and we know your bottom line is to make some money off of your passion and hard work


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