It is true folks… take extra care of yourselves for the next little … I speak from experience having been “under the weather” for the last few days and feeling decidedly “wobbly” now… hmm so if the “sickness” aspect (‘cuse the pun) 😉 rings true, lets hope the financial aspect does too… 🙂 thanks Ruby…

Rubys Readings


Astro Weekly Update 
By Ruby

Good Fortune is on its way!

The Cosmos is bringing in some wonderful energy this week that can help connect those ideas you’ve already had with your personal goals. Even though you may feel excited about making some important changes that are long overdue in your life, you may still be cautious and not ready to take that leap forward just yet. It’s really ok if you’re not ready and don’t want to rush into something, but you can do something proactive in the meanwhile and in moderation of course, and you certainly can manifest Luck! These aspects come together strong Thursday and Friday, which makes this week the opportune time to take action, so strike while the irons hot! Get out there and do something… schedule important meetings this week, promote your ideas, just get your name out there! Send out resumes and sign…

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