🙂 This waxing Moon in Pisces is certainly making it difficult to stick to routine tasks; My mind keeps wondering and my energy level is low… A nice long bath later certainly feels like a fabulous idea.. 🙂

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Today the Moon is waxing (increasing) in Pisces. The Moon Mansions was an older style of Astrology, which gave meaning to the cycle of 28 days that the Moon goes through in the Zodiac. The cards I used for the picture are The Moon Oracle cards by Caroline Smith and John Astrop. The Crescent Moon in Water is the beginning of an emotional relationship, feeling or situation where intuition and instinct are key. In Pisces, this can blur the lines between fantasy and reality, but we all need to escape sometimes!

The Moon Mansion for this phase is 27 Guru, ruled by Neptune and the Moon (4.17 degrees Pisces to 17.08 degrees Pisces). Traditional thought was this is a good time for anything to do with psychic powers, clairvoyance and spiritual matters. It was not a good time to begin a project though! With Neptune ruling this Mansion, we do…

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