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Customs and Traditions of the Winter Solstice
The winter solstice, or Yule, is coming up on December 22, for our readers in the northern hemisphere. This celebration has a long-standing history, from back in the days of Mithras, through the Nordic tribes, and among a number of other cultures. Let’s take a quick look at some of the time-honored traditions of this winter celebration that is observed all over the world.

If you’re one of our readers below the equator, you’re gearing up for Litha, the summer solstice, and the longest day of the year. Be sure to scroll down to the bottom for links to some great info about the customs behind the celebration of midsummer!

Yule History  
Many cultures have winter festivals that are in fact celebrations of light. In addition to Christmas, there’sHanukkah with its brightly lit menorahs, Kwanzaa candles, and any number of other holidays. Let’s look at the history of solstice celebrations. Also, be sure to read about winter customs around the world.

Globa Celebratons of the Winter Solstice  
This time of year has been celebrated in many ways in many cultures. From the Roman Saturnalia to the Italian La Befana, the Feast of Frau Holle, and the Neopagan tradition of the Oak and Holly King, just about everyone has marked this season with a celebration.

10 Christmas Customs with Pagan Roots  
Wondering why we go caroling or kiss under the mistletoe at Christmas? Ever ponder the mysteries of the holiday fruitcake? Believe it or not, many modern Christmas traditions can trace their origins to early Pagan societies. Ten Christmas Traditions With Pagan Roots

10 Things We Love About the Winter Solstice Season  
It’s a time of celebration, so just for fun, let’s look at ten great things about the Yule season. Also, let’s look at something that’s NOT a Pagan celebration at all, just because we get a lot of messages about it every year.

10 Reasons to Enjoy the Winter Solstice Season
Festivus: Not a Pagan Celebration at All

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