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Christmas is fast approaching and I don’t envy all you mum’s and dad’s out there, scurrying around, rounding up funds, shopping, working, cleaning, putting up decorations, baking… and stressing… EEK!!! it’s a very busy time of the year...

So to lighten your day, and keep you on the path towards that Christmassy feeling… Check out the following link to our sister site SGC2..

Fabulous, hand knitted Santa, Mrs. Clause, Elfin helpers.. and clothing… along with the happy snow people… all made by Agate & Nicole of Sudbury area, Ontario… I love them, Thanks Agate & Nicole for gifting us these.. 🙂

Please contact us if you are interested in any of these happy Christmas items and we will connect you with Agate or Nicole… 🙂 

Here’s to Christmas and all that it stands for… 

http://www.123rf.com: Copyright : kotoffeis ..

Ho… Ho…Ho…

Hand knitted snowmen 2013
Enter here for SGC2


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