SGC Admin: We do intend to try some of these lunar hair tips… just when that will happen we aren’t sure… However, if you do try any, we would love to know your thoughts … 🙂

Riding Moon Cycles

Taurus is the outstanding sign Oct 28 for seeing thicker growth in the lunar hair care system. The trick is to get an early start and finish before the moon turns Void-of-course. Complete the treatment by 8a PST or 11a EST.

The moon entering the sign of Leo Nov 2 is the next highlight of this week for lunar hair care.

The BEST rating for cutting hair and thicker hair in Leo is bumped with a plus for the waning moon to see slower growth after a trim or cut. In this case, it is the moon phase that makes the difference for Leo.

EST times are below.


Oct 28 PST
Treatment time: FINISH before 8a
Moon: Taurus
Color hair
Cut hair
Cut hair trim ends–thicker growth–BEST+
Permanent wave, relaxant, straightener
Treatment time: AVOID after 8a
Moon: V/C

Oct 29 PST
Treatment time: all day/night
Moon: Gemini

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