SGC Admin: They say that a change is as good as a rest… Yep, that’s true… although sometimes after traveling a rest is sorely needed… ­čÖé just to recharge the batteries after flying, walking, watching and sight-seeing… ­čÖé

Hubby and I were fortunate to visit Jolly ole’ England this past May and the high peaks of the Adirondacks in July… Each vacation bringing its own unique set of memories to add to the Vacation Journal… ­čÖé Today we share some photo’s of our England Trip… ­čÖé┬áalong with links to the interesting fun places we visited.┬á


Ludlow, Shropshire UK . An absolutely lovely old town/village. Explore the local shops, lots of charity shops, along with an old-fashioned sweet shop, various butcher shops, book shops, grocery shop, places to eat and rest. This place has tons of history and goes back hundreds of years… check out the “black and whites” the old Tudor buildings still in use today… There is a local market that takes place 3 times a week… Check the days, but think they maybe, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays…┬á

Ludlow Castle┬á┬áA fabulous example of how castle’s were built, there are changes to architecture as it changed hands through the years.. it was left to go to ruin until it was bought and saved… There is a nice little gift shop (purchase your tickets to the castle here) and somewhere to have tea and cakes, (we didn’t get to that this time around)

St. Lawrence Church, (11th century) Ludlow, UK A must see while in the town of Ludlow, this is a gorgeous church, there are local volunteers available to help you with any questions. 

St. Bartholomew Chapel, Richards Castle, Herefordshire, UK┬áA very old Chapel located close to the ruins of Richards Castle, (not to be missed, let your imagination play). This Chapel is still used a rare occasions. A must see, it’s in fabulous condition.┬á

Richards Castle Inn, Richards Castlethe local pub, stop by for Kath’s Sunday Lunch… ­čÖé Pub is open in the evenings…┬á

The Roebuck┬áBrimfield, Ludlow.. Serving Full Sunday Lunch…┬áa local with a store attached

The Church Inn, Ludlow This place has some fun items on the menu.. along with beer (of course), cider and more

The Boot Inn Orleton (Annual Beer Festival July 24 to July 26 2015) Perfect Village Local

Iron Bridge Shropshire┬áThe First Iron Bridge in the world… An influence on the Industrial revolution

Blists Hill Victorian Town┬á┬ádon’t forget to check out the local pub for an fashioned sing along, and the chips are a real treat. Featured on t.v.

Acton Scott Working Farm Museum Featured in T.V. Series 

Westminster Abbey:┬áLocation of many a royal wedding and royals at rest… yep lots of burial chambers

The Tower Bridge Exhibit┬áWe missed doing this one, there is a glass bridge to walk on.. let us know if you do it… ­čÖé

┬ęGreta McKenzie 2015: Pretty country road in Richards Castle … yep this is a two way roadway folks… ­čÖé
┬ęGreta McKenzie 2015: A beautiful window from the inside of The Boot Inn… another traditional English Village Pub, Orleton, UK… Annual beer festival held mid July 2015
┬ęGreta McKenzie 2015: Beautiful Stained Glass window inside St. Lawrence Church, Ludlow UK, 11th Century.
┬ęGreta McKenzie 2015: Iron Bridge, The first Iron Bridge in the world..And a huge boost to the Industrial revolution… Close by is the fabulous Victorian Village at Blist Hill
┬ęGreta McKenzie 2015: Staircase inside ruins of Ludlow Castle… Note, this are very narrow and steep, not recommended for folk who have trouble with stairs…
┬ęGreta McKenzie 2015: Inside St. Bartholomew Chapel, Close to Richards Castle Ruins, Ludlow, Herefordshire, UK
at the Acton Scott working farm museum ┬ęGreta McKenzie 2015 ..
┬ęGreta McKenzie 2015: The Church Inn village pub, Ludlow,

For the London part of our trip, we purchased the 3 day London Pass┬áand found it was economical for our needs. We rented a flat for 3 nights, and still didn’t have a enough time to do all that was included in the pass. Transit is expensive but it is the recommended way of getting around London… No money is used so you need to purchase an oyster pass… (there may┬ábe┬áother pass’s but we didn’t explore them this visit and encourage you to do some research to find the best deal for your budget and needs) We haven’t included our photo’s of Windsor Castle, which can be reached via the tube, then rail train leaving from Waterloo Station.. if traveling in a group it might work out cheaper by getting a group pass… (4 people and up?). When you reach Windsor Castle you will be required to go through a security check (like at the airport), certain items will not be allowed through the security check. Windsor Castle and the town of Windsor are fabulous…

┬ęGreta McKenzie 2015: View from the top deck of a double Decker bus going towards Westminster Abbey, in the heart of London
┬ęGreta McKenzie 2015: London Close by Westminster Abby… No admittance for the regular folk…
┬ęGreta McKenzie 2015: Canal boat on the canal in Camden Town, London UK
┬ęGreta McKenzie 2015: Westminster Abbey, London UK
┬ęGreta McKenzie 2015: The Tower clock… or Big Ben… Big Ben refers to the Bell inside…
┬ęGreta McKenzie 2015: London from the Thames tour boat
┬ęGreta McKenzie 2015: One of the many bridges over the Thames River London.. view from the Thames tour boat
┬ęGreta McKenzie 2015: The Tower of London from the Thames

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